Information About The 67 Steps

What Is The 67 Steps Program?

The 67 Steps is a program developed by Tai Lopez to help inspire and motivate people to achieve their best possible life outcomes. By using non-conventional wisdom regarding finances and personal choices, he aims to change traditional mindsets and beliefs and help people break away from the stagnant cycle of their lives.

Who is Tai Lopez?

Tai Lopez is an advisor and investor who works with numerous multi-million dollar companies. Through his book club and podcasts which reach more than a million people in 40 countries, he aims to share advice on how to achieve wealth and happiness. Lopez is also a popular Youtube and social media personality and has nearly 3 million followers on Instagram, 6 million fans on Facebook and over 1 million followers on Twitter.

The Program Structure

The 67 Steps program is a web-based program, which means that it can be followed from virtually anywhere. Upon signing up, members are provided with a login username and password and are given access to the training videos. The video lessons vary in length and last between 30 minutes to 1 hour. There is also an interactive online community where members can post feedback and create a journal about their experiences. This is a good opportunity for members to share comments and encourage one another as they proceed through the program.

The 67 Steps program also offers varies support features to its members. Monthly phone calls are scheduled with Tai’s team which allows members to ask questions, report on their progress and share ideas. Members are also emailed “Book of the Day” summaries to encourage their reading development. Lopez recommends that his members read such modern classics as “The Millionaire Next Door” by Thomas Stanley and “How To Win Friends And Influence People” by Dale Carnegie.

Review Of The 67 Steps

Many people have praised the 67 Steps Program for the wisdom that it offers, as Lopez frequently draws on the teachings of some of the most successful people in the world. He also strives to ensure that members understand the principles he is teaching by providing plenty of real-life examples and detailed explanations to help you understand difficult ideas. Some users have suggested that Lopez often reiterates a point several times and that some of the videos are longer than necessary. However, the program does come with a money back guarantee and can be canceled at any time. The cost of the program is $67 a month which is paid through Clickbank, a reputable payment service.

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